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Personalized Learning Program - Grading and Transcripts

Type: Grading
Effective Date: 7/28/2014

Students complete coursework at an individualized pace to successful completion.  Students cannot fail a course; instead, they simply return to the academic content for continued study.  A grade of 86% is the lowest passing grade and denotes competency. At successful completion of a Pre or Post-Test with a score of 86% or higher the student is offered the opportunity to achieve Mastery. The Mastery can be a certification, a test, a presentation, a paper, case study, or other form of assessment. Students achieving 95% or higher on the Mastery assessment receive Mastery Status. The Student is offered only one chance to achieve Mastery for a given Lesson.

After passing either the Pre or Post-Test, if the student chooses not to pursue Mastery or does not achieve Mastery he or she will receive a grade of “B” toward the traditional transcript. If the student achieves Mastery he or she receives an “A” toward the traditional transcript.

Every student receives the traditional official institutional transcript that is most useful if a student wants to apply to graduate school or transfer to another institution; the student also receives an enhanced report that describes the skills and competencies employers want.

Standard university undergraduate degree requirements apply to all programs offered via Personalized Learning.

While Personalized Learning does not follow NAU’s semester model, posting of grades and competencies to the student’s transcript follows the grading schedule determined by the Office of the Registrar ( Thus, the time between a student’s course completion and grade posting can vary.

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