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First Year Attendance Policy

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 2/6/2012

It is the student’s responsibility to attend all classes and to participate in the learning process. Faculty create the learning environment that promotes student achievement and success.   Clear expectations about class attendance and participation in first year courses are important foundations for student achievement through the undergraduate career.

 Student attendance will be recorded in all 100 level courses.

  1. Departmental policies and/or individual faculty will determine the approach they wish to take for attendance.
  2. Individual faculty will determine how attendance will be assessed (i.e., points, number of absence thresholds, etc) and the impact of attendance on course grades.
  3. Individual faculty will determine if certain absences are excepted on a case by case basis.
  4. When a student meets an absence threshold, s/he will be advised by the faculty member to seek advisement or the faculty member may choose to place the student on an improvement plan.
  5. An analogous policy will be established for 100 level online courses requiring student engagement.
  6. A three year assessment plan will be developed and implemented in collaboration with the office of the vice provost for academic affairs to evaluate the impact of this policy on student success.
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