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Excess Credit Hours, Undergraduate

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 6/22/2012

The following text is a simplified explanation of the full policy on Excess Credit Hours, provided as a convenience, and is not legally binding. For the complete policy, see the Registrar’s website.

In the interests of providing fair funding to Arizona’s state universities, the State, through the Arizona Board of Regents, allots a flat amount of funding per full-time-equivalent undergraduate student. The intention of this funding is to provide the universities with sufficient resources per student, such that those students can complete an approved Bachelor’s Degree in four years.  The State has established specific funding formulas and reporting dates, which are used to calculate how much funding will be received in this category.

For this discussion:

The average number of credit units required for a Bachelor’s Degree is 120. The State understands that some students require slightly more units than the established minimum, since not all students can immediately begin, qualify for, or select the degree they will pursue. Since 2007, using 120 units as a baseline, the State has funded NAU (and its sister state universities) for full-time-equivalent students who have completed up to 145 credit units. After that threshold of 145 units has been reached, the State no longer provides funding.

Some exceptions apply, including

  • Those in pursuit of up to two baccalaureate degrees,
  • Those with credits earned in the pursuit of up to two state-regulated licensures and certificates,
  • Those with credits earned in the pursuit of teaching certification,
  • Those with credits transferred from a private institution of higher education,
  • Those with credits transferred from an institution of higher education in another state,
  • Those with credits earned at another institution of higher education but that are not accepted as transfer credits at the Arizona university where the student is currently enrolled; and
  • Some students who were enrolled at an ABOR-controlled institution, but left the system for at least twenty-four months before re-enrollment.

For the complete policy, you must see the Registrar’s website.

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