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Student Institutional Excuses

Type: Definitions
Effective Date: 7/5/2016


As stated in the Student Handbook, students are expected to assume the responsibility for regular class attendance.  When absence is unavoidable, students should report the reason to the class instructor and assume the responsibility for any work they miss.  Class Instructors have no obligation to make special arrangements for students who have been absent unless the student has an institutional excuse as described below.  Class attendance policies must be in writing, included in the class syllabus and distributed to students during the first week of class. Class attendance policies must make allowances for students with institutional excuses. 

An institutional excuse is granted to a student to participate in academic, extracurricular and athletic events as a representative of the university, or for military service.  Academic units may create appropriate processes to review and approve institutional excuses.  Class Instructors may give a different test and/or give assignments composed of different subject matter than that missed by a student with an institutional excuse. 

There are four types of institutional excuses.  The Academic institutional excuse is approved by the Dean of the College and is for students participating in a scheduled class activity outside of normal class meeting times and similar kind of events.  The Extracurricular institutional excuse is approved by the Dean of Students and is for students participating in sanctioned and approved events of student organizations and non-NCAA athletic competitions.  The Athletic institutional excuse is approved by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and is for students participating in NCAA sanctioned events. The Military institutional excuse is first validated by the Director of Veteran and Transfer Services with final approval by the Dean of Students. 

Class Instructors are required to honor institutional excuses.  To honor an institutional excuse means to permit the student to complete in advance or to make up after the absence (at the discretion of the instructor) academic assignments, quizzes and examinations missed during the time covered by the institutional excuse when the student was not in attendance. 

Students are responsible for notifying class instructors and showing them a copy of the institutional excuse at least 5 working days (or one class period if the class meets less frequently than every five days) prior to start of the time period it covers.  Class instructors are not required to honor institutional excuses presented to them less than the stipulated time period stated in the previous sentence.  It is recommended that athletes, at the beginning of the semester, provide their faculty a schedule of all events in which the team will be participating for which an institutional excuse will be granted.

Academic Institutional Excuse Form

Athletic Institutional Excuse Form

Extracurricular Institutional Excuse Form

Military Institutional Excuse Form






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