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Dropping a Course

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 7/1/2018
Fees may apply. See Registrar for current fees.

Deadlines to Drop can be found as follows:

Log in to MyNAU → Student Center → Find Class → Click Calendar Icon in Left-most Column

Check each course. Courses often have unique deadlines—especially DD/Mini-courses, and Summer-or-Winter-Term courses.

Most “Drops” can be accomplished through LOUIE. After a certain point in a term, you will be required to file a petition, provide documentation, and pay a fee.

Financial Implications

Be aware that if you are receiving financial aid, Veterans assistance, or have a graduate assistantship, dropping a course may jeopardize your eligibility for continued funding. Please contact Financial Aid.

Dropping classes may also cause consequences for:

  • International Students
  • Students who live in Residence-Life-operated housing
  • Student Athletes
  • Other special populations

…so please speak with Residence Life, your advisor, coach, or a staff person.

Withdrawing from All Courses in a Term
See the policy on Term Withdrawal if you:

  • wish to withdraw from all courses, or
  • wish to withdraw from all courses after the deadline to withdraw.
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