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Dual Majors, Undergraduate (Definitions)

Type: Definitions
Effective Date: 6/7/2012

Dual Majors differ from Dual Degrees.

Students may undertake two majors if they satisfy all requirements for each one. Be aware that if the total units required for the two majors exceed 75, students must normally take more than 120 units to complete the degree. However, students are permitted to use the same course or courses, if appropriate, to satisfy requirements for both majors in a dual major. Please contact your advisor to discuss your options.

A dual major is possible only when both majors are included under the same degree and when there are 18 unique units in the first major/specialization to differentiate it from the requested second major/specialization.

For example, you can’t have a dual major in forestry (B.S.F.) and any other major, because the B.S.F. degree is specific to Forestry. However, you can have a dual major in English (B.A.) and History (B.A.), since both majors are included under the Bachelor of Arts degree and there are 18 units that are unique to each major.

Note: the major requirements for each major in a dual major must come from the same catalog.

If you are pursuing a dual major, you are not required to have a minor. 

Students pursuing a dual- or triple- major at Northern Arizona University must satisfy the liberal studies requirements for one of the majors. Once the liberal studies requirement for one major is satisfactorily completed, the student is deemed to have met the liberal studies requirements for both majors.


Contact an advisor to discuss the dual-major options.

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