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Grades of In-Progress or Incomplete, Undergraduate

Type: Grading
Effective Date: 7/1/2018

A Personalized Learning student, who for any reason, is unable to complete course requirements during his or her subscription period, will automatically receive an incomplete grade “I.” After one calendar year from the grade posting date following the end of the subscription in which the “I” was earned, any grade of Incomplete “I” will automatically be converted to a grade of Fail (“F”).

A failed incomplete course can be repeated once without petition.

For Non-Personalized Learning courses

To request an In-Progress "IP" grade, complete a Request for "IP" Grade form, usually available in the departmental office.

To request an Incomplete "I" grade, complete an Incomplete Contract, Undergraduate form available on the Registrar’s Office site under General forms, or from the departmental office.

Meet with your instructor to map out the contract, which must state expectations and a definite start/due date. Obtain other appropriate departmental approvals (if applicable). Complete the required work and submit it to the instructor. Once the contract work is successfully completed, the instructor will submit the appropriate grade change to the Registrar and your record will be revised.

Petition eligible: Yes

If a student does not complete the work as agreed-upon in the Incomplete Contract, the student can petition the instructor for an extension, not to exceed one calendar year from the stated due dates in the contract. Petitions for such an extension must also be approved by the chair of the unit that offered the class.

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