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Course Credits/Units of Credit

Type: University Requirements
Effective Date: 3/23/2017

Definition of a Unit of Credit (per Arizona Board of Regents policy)

An hour of work is the equivalent of 50 minutes of classtime (often called a "contact hour") or 60 minutes of independent study work. A minimum of 45 hours of work by each student is required for each unit of credit. Ordinarily, a course must cover a 1-week period for every unit of credit given. During summer sessions, however, 6 units of credit may be given over a 5-week period.

1. At least 15 contact hours of recitation, lecture, discussion, testing or evaluation, seminar, or colloquium, as well as a minimum of 30 hours of student homework is required for each unit of credit;

2. Workshops must involve a minimum of 45 hours for each unit of credit, including a minimum of 15 contact hours, with the balance of the requirement in homework;

3. Studios must involve at least 30 contact hours and at least 15 hours of homework for each unit of credit;

4. Laboratory courses require a minimum of 45 contact hours per unit of credit;

5. Field trips will be counted hour-for-hour as laboratory meetings;

6. Each unit of internship or practicum must require a minimum of 45 clock hours of work; and

7. Music instruction and specialized types of music performance offerings must conform to the requirement for accreditation of the National Association of Schools of Music.

8. Off-campus courses, regardless of mode of delivery, may be assigned credit based on competencies or learning outcomes that are acquired through coursework and are equivalent to those of students in a traditional classroom setting. An equivalent of 45 hours of work by each student is required for each unit of credit.

Units of Credit and Transfer Units

Because the unit of credit as defined by the Arizona Board of Regents is the cornerstone of Northern Arizona University’s academic degree plans, transfer credit must be based on a similar unit of credit.

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