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Course Repeat Policy, Undergraduate

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 6/24/2013

In certain instances, undergraduate students may wish to repeat a course to improve a previous performance. Please be aware credit is only earned once for a course that is repeated. If you take a 3 unit course and repeat it, you will earn 3 units of credit, not 6. 

Grade Replacement: Students may repeat a course at NAU once for grade replacement. The better of the two grades will be used in GPA calculations.

If student situations merit a second repeat due to extenuating circumstances, they may petition to repeat a course for the second time, by completing a "Petition to Repeat a Class for the 2nd Time" form found on the Registrar's website under Forms and Policies. If signed and approved, the form is submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing.

Repeat Rules

  • Students may only repeat courses in which a grade of "D" or "F" was earned. Students may not repeat any courses in which a grade of "A" or "B" or “C” or “P” was earned.
  • The same grading option must be used for the repeat course as was used when the course was taken initially. In other words, a course initially taken for a letter grade must be repeated for a letter grade, and a course taken Pass-Fail must be repeated Pass-Fail. When repeating a topics course or PES 100, the topic or physical education activity must be the same as when the course was originally taken.
  • Because of the changing nature of their content, the following courses are not eligible for grade repeat and can only be retaken for additional credit and new grades:
    • research
    • independent studies
    • internships
    • honors courses
    • some topics courses
  • Students taking courses in an integrated format (courses with an "I" after the course number), may repeat these courses individually.
  • Students may not repeat a course at another institution to replace a grade earned at Northern Arizona University. Students may satisfy a plan requirement by repeating a course at another institution if the course is equivalent to the Northern Arizona University course. However, the grade will not be replaced, the student's GPA will not be affected, and additional credits will not be awarded for the repeat.
  • Students may not repeat courses that Northern Arizona University has discontinued or canceled.
  • Students may not repeat courses after their undergraduate degree has been awarded.

Some departments or colleges have received prior approval from NAU's Academic Standards Committee to allow students in certain programs to repeat some "C" grades for purposes of meeting minimum GPA requirements for specific academic plans.

Students should check with their advisors if they wish to repeat courses in which they received a "C". If students are allowed to repeat a course in which they earned a grade of "C", they must (a) get the approval from the department or college that offers the course before enrolling to repeat the course and (b) submit the form to the Registrar's Office for processing.


Repeating a class a second time could affect financial aid or eligibility for certain programs. Students receiving financial aid should check with a financial aid counselor about course repeat rules. Veterans, athletes, international students, or students who are recipients of tribal funding may have additional rules associated with course repeats. Check with appropriate departments for more information.

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