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Student Complaint Collection and Retention Policy

Type: Definitions
Effective Date: 4/18/2017


This policy provides guidelines for the collection and record retention of written and signed student complaints submitted to an institutional officer of Northern Arizona University. The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism for tracking the timeliness of responses to complaints as well as the outcome of complaints. In addition, this policy provides a mechanism for identifying patterns or systemic problems with institutional quality or with factors related to the General Institutional Requirements or Criteria for Accreditation.


Complaint Log - a confidential record of student complaints which identifies the persons involved with individual complaints and the outcomes of the complaints.

Student complaint - focused principally on complaints made formally in writing, signed by a student, and addressed to and submitted to an institutional officer with the responsibility to handle the complaint. 

Institutional Officer – a vice president, dean, department chair or anyone in an administrative role who has the responsibility to handle the complaint. 


This policy applies to institutional officers with responsibility to handle student complaints. The following offices are responsible for record retention of student complaints for Northern Arizona University: 

The Office of the President and Vice Presidents should route student complaints (as defined below) to one of the institutional officers listed above.

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