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Academic Renewal, Undergraduate

Type: Enrollment
Effective Date: 6/11/2012

If you have been absent from the university for at least 36 consecutive months, and wish to re-enroll, you may be eligible for academic renewal.

Academic renewal is a policy that allows such undergraduates to re-enroll at Northern Arizona University with a recalculated cumulative grade point average (GPA). This policy provides an opportunity for students to make a fresh start with their academic endeavors.

Academic renewal is available by meeting the conditions of and completing the Petition for Academic Renewal form, which is located on the Registrar’s Website.

You may request academic renewal only once, and only for your first undergraduate degree at NAU. Once an Academic Renewal is processed, it creates a permanent change to your record and may not be reversed.

Through the academic renewal policy, you may request that up to four terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer) be excluded from your cumulative GPA calculation. Grades and credits for ALL courses that you took during those terms are excluded. (Please note that if the term has sessions within it, the grades for all courses taken during the term are excluded.) If any of the disregarded courses are required for graduation, you will have to retake those courses.

To request academic renewal:

  • you must apply and be readmitted to Northern Arizona University; and
  • you must enroll in and receive a grade in at least one NAU course, after which
  • you may then petition the Registrar’s Office for Academic Renewal.

If academic renewal is granted, your permanent record is suitably annotated to indicate that no work taken during the disregarded terms is applicable toward graduation. However, all work remains on your permanent record to reflect your accurate academic history.

You must fulfill all graduation residency requirements after your academic renewal has been granted.

Fees may apply. See Registrar for current fees.
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