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About WWW5

WWW5 is currently running on a two-node cluster of Dell PowerEdge 1650 servers running Microsoft Application center with Microsoft Windows Server 2003. It is maintained by the Microsoft Enterprise Networked Systems Administration group at Northern Arizona University's Information Technology Services department.

WWW5's mission is to provide high availability, high performance, fault tolerant webspace for department level ASP.NET developers. WWW5 employs a structured development environment with very strict migration paths that enforce quality control for enterprise level applications.

WWW5 is not a free-form development environment like WWW7 or Oak where you can employ any toolset and design rules you desire. Rather, it uses a guided process of application design and testing where you work closely with members of the ITS MENSA team during your application's lifecycle from the development servers, through Quality Assurance testing, and finally to the production WWW5 cluster. Applications deployed to WWW5 must be cluster aware and run entirely within the ASP.NET framework.

We currently offer the following services on this server:

To obtain webspace on WWW5 you must be an experienced ASP.NET developer working under the umbrella of a major NAU department or college. You must also be using the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment and be willing to work within the very strict application migration methodology we employ on this server.

If you meet these requirements you can request a subweb by sending e-mail to requesting further information. Please specify the name of your department, reason for requesting a development area, and any other details that may help us to facilitate your request.

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